Three Fingers Mercenary Band

Founded by the colorful former adventurer Milo Threefingers, it is a small upstart mercenary band based in the Lifted Tankard tavern, one of the oldest buildings in Forkshire. The Three-Fingers take jobs ranging from the mundane, to the strange, so long as the client is willing to pay. Short of wholly evil acts, no offer of solid coin will be refused.

In-game Benefits

Milo Threefingers is well-versed in many skills, and one thing he loves more than anything is when people listen to him talk. As a result, every member of the Three-fingers Band has a bonus skill chosen when joining. This is taught to them by Milo himself.

Also once a day PC’s can enjoy one free meal and one free drink at the Lifted Tankard.

Other than that, you’re on your own. What were you expecting? Free lodging?


The badge of the Three Fingers Band is a gold field with a maroon charge- a hand with the thumb, pointer and middle fingers extended. The band’s motto is “Loyalty and Discretion”.

By-Laws (written by M. Threefingers)

  • No agent will die on a job. If they do, they forfeit any compensation.
  • No agent will hire another mercenary band to do a job for them. Trust me, they charge way more than you’d get paid.
  • Try not to kill anyone. Unless they’re getting in the way. Or if someone pays us. Or if they’re really asking for it, but try to at least give them a warning shiner or something.
  • Arcane magic users are encouraged to keep that stuff quiet. We’re not judgmental, but still, don’t get us into trouble.


  • Milo Threefingers- Founder. Of indeterminate age, usually describes himself as “Older than you, kid” most definitely human of one form or another. Known as Threefingers for the absence of two fingers on his left hand. Boisterous and genial, has a deep knowledge that he loves to empart on those in the band.
  • Devan Hunter
  • Dryden
  • Gaius Lasunn
  • Lysander Quickburn
  • Desade
  • Chester Weatherton

Three Fingers Mercenary Band

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