There are 4 major cultures of humanity in Verdacia:

  • Royhaar- Rulers of the old Kingdom of Verdacia, conquerors from across the western seas. Value chivalry, noble birth and more prone to classism. Named for their ruddy hair, favor little to no facial hair. Found in all regions of Verdacia.
  • Sammermen- Original inhabitants of the Langsam River Valley, influenced by the elves. Many worshiped the dragons that used to rule Verdacia until the Royhaar slayed them all. Nomadic and free-spirited, favor a merit based society. They tend toward darker hair, and proudly sport beards. Named for the Langsam river. Found in all regions, but especially near the Midnight Wood.
  • Kimtek- Rare in Verdacia, travelers from across the Harney Desert south of Landsfar. Darker skinned than Sammermen and Royhaar, they come from the Kimtek Empire which is built in a massive jungle. Worship a single god called Kodek who encourages scientific discovery and learning. They are further divided between those from the deep empire (Kimtek) and the desert nomads that are part of the empire purely geographically (the Harni people). Found mostly in the south near Landsfar.
  • Peligros- More commonly seen than the Kimtek, but far from numerous, these hardy blonde traders come from the source of the Langsam river beyond the valley. Most are merchants selling wares out of their great city of Hyoroth, but some come down the river to sell their prowess with a great sword. Found occasionally along the Langsam River, usually in Bridgetown.


There are 3 remaining clans of elf in Verdacia. The lost clan of the Midnight Wood were massacred by the Sammermen during the Royhaar expansion.

  • Lightpool- Known as the High Elves, the most open to humanity. Tall, lean and fair, they rule the Shandhal Forest and worship the White Yew trees that grow there. Slightly isolationist, but have a strong presence in the world thanks to House Lasunn. Found primarily in the Shandhal forest.
  • Silverleaf- Known as the Wood Elves, starkly isolationist, their hair is a darker brown than their cousins. Hostile to humans, they have carved a territory for themselves on the southern banks of Lake Talia in the north of Duncan’s Wood. It is rumored that they protect the last White Yew that exists outside of the Shandhal forest.
  • Dark Elves- Possibly mythical. A feral race that preys on whoever they can find. Said to be twisted by dark arcane magic, they roam the loneliest parts of the world, twisted and evil.


There are 2 types of dwarf that still inhabit Verdacia:

  • Mountain Dwarves- Hearty peoples of the Iron Mountains. Once their empire stretched as far as Highpeak, but they have been driven back by the Royhaar. Miners and craftsmen, they keep their beards braided and manageable, taking as much pride in their appearance as they do in the ornamentation of their crafts. Largely agoraphobic.
  • Hill Dwarves- Hailing from the Seven League Hills they have built many small settlements in the hundreds of caves that dot the landscape. Content under the rule of Castle Dodek, they are a pragmatic people. Miners, laborers and farmers by and large, they take less pride in their appearance than their mountain cousins, favoring short cropped beards and utilitarian clothes.


There is only one known culture among Halflings in Verdacia, as most of their native culture was wiped out during the Royhaar expansion. They are a people without a home, wanderers, outsiders in their own land. Usually seen in small groups in caravans, or in more urban areas.


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