Largest city in Verdacia, capital of the burgeoning nation of the same name.

Founded 200 BCW
Population 90,000
Ruling Body Five Merchant Families
Defenses Stone Walls, Keep, Town Militia


Founded 200 years before the Great Civil War, Bridgetown was to be the gateway to the east. For the first time, goods flowing down the Langsam River, or up the Timjaw, had a safe haven to freely enter Verdacia. This influx of trade sparked massive growth. What started as a small outpost grew to a proper city complete with a massive Keep which sat at an easily defended peninsula formed naturally by the river fork.

Naturally, the nature of the city lead to the rise of a strong merchant class. Those who knew the nature of The Deal and who’s wits were quick found rich rewards in Bridgetown. Smart men were able to build dynasties of wealth regardless of previous station, or birth.

Being so far east, the city was only lightly influenced by the culture of the greater kingdom. More and more, ideas of individual accomplishment and meritocracy started to filter in from the barbarians of the nearby Midnight Wood. Little by little, dissent began to grow in Bridgetown.

Sparked by a sudden tax increase in the year 4 BCW, a cabal of wealthy merchants came together to undermine the king’s grip on Bridgetown. Their plan was to bribe the guards of Ripper’s Keep and capture Lord Talbot Aims, unceremoniously tossing him into one of his own cells. What followed was a week-long event known as Talbot’s Trial. Accused of crimes including ‘Unfair Taxation’, ‘Bearing False Witness’ and ‘Treason’, the heads of the five largest merchant houses sentenced Aims to hanging. His body adorned the largest bridge for a fortnight before decaying enough to drop into the water below.

Since the Great Civil War, Bridgetown has tired its best to get back to being a major trading hub. However, being the new capital has also made the city a bigger target. Where once was only wealth, now also dwells power. The city is more dangerous than ever, and growing more dangerous every day.


  • Market District- Sitting on the western bank of the Timjaw river, to the south of Ripper’s Keep is the most famous part of the city. Stalls of every stripe crowd the streets, and more established brick buildings sell everything imaginable. Not as dangerous as the slums across the river, you’re more likely to have your pocket picked than have a knife shoved into your gut. Here too lies the renowned Guild of Alchemists where knowledge is king.
  • Temple District- sitting along the north wall of Ripper’s Keep and fanning out to the banks of the Langsam on east and west, the Temple District is where the elites call home. 4 of the 5 great merchant houses have their headquarters here between temples to deities near and far.
  • Ripper’s Keep- Home to the most powerful merchant house in Verdacia, House Haberkit. It is also where most of the city’s militia is housed. An ancient building that still holds many of the secrets that died with Talbot Aims two generations ago.
  • The Slums- Sprawling out from the eastern banks of the Timjaw out beyond the eastern city wall, the slums is by far the largest part of the city. Where the Temple District holds the shining examples of the benefits of free enterprise, the slums holds everything else. Here dwell the laborers, the criminals, the poor and unwashed. Here law is stretched thin, mostly dealt out mob-style by the hundreds of street gangs that have claimed their petty territories. Dangerous for outsiders, especially those who wander in without purpose.

Notable Citizens

  • Quinton Haberkit- Grandson of Adall Haberkit, the man responsible for the plot against Talbot Aims, and some say the war itself. A deadly mind within a disarmingly frail body, Quinton spent most of his childhood bedridden and sickly. Most assumed that he would not outlive his older brother to take charge as head of the House. However, the mysterious suicide of Rynold Haberkit left Quinton the only heir. He now rules from Ripper’s Keep, head of the Five Merchant Families, and the whole region.
  • Sahara Masda- Headmistress of the Guild of Alchemists. Half teacher and half administrator, she tries to balance her two main duties in the best way possible. She is often seen as strict, but is always fair. Organized and efficient, but not without a soft side for newer students, she attempts to see people as components in a large social reaction.


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