Lysander Quickburn

A cold hearted wizard with great ambition.


Lysander is young for a wizard, and does not dress in robes. He once was frail, but his years of traveling and surviving on the streets of Bridgetown have made him tougher than most wizards (re: toughness feat). He has a goatee and mustache that he keeps well manicured, and he wears many trinkets and much jewelry.


Lysander Quickburn, or simply, “Quick” to his acquaintances and associates was born in the slums of Bridgetown to a poor family. His father, Garrison “Gary” Holt, was an uneducated dock worker who frequently was too injured to work. His mother, Juniper Saltknife, was the daughter of a fish monger who forced her into prostitution when she came of age. She was only forced to live that life for a short time however, because Gary got her pregnant, and Juniper’s father threatened to bring him up on rape charges if he didn’t marry her and offer a dowry. Gary, having a well spotted past with the law, reluctantly accepted.

Lysander, named after a romantic hero that his mother had once read about, was their only their only son. Frail of body during his younger years (due to malnutrition), his father deemed him worthless, but his mother took to teaching him what little Math, science and reading she knew. His father resented this, not having any education himself, and took to verbally abusing the boy; which was hardly worse than the physical abuse that he heaped upon his wife.

When Lysander turned nine years old he gained an apprenticeship with an alchemist in the Market District. While the opportunity only lasted one short year before the alchemist was killed for failing to pay protection money, Lysander used that year to read as much as he could. It seemed that his intellect was powerful and ravenous for knowledge. When the alchemist died, Lysander pilfered a good number of volumes from his library.

This innocent desire for learning led to his father’s discovery of the books, which he promptly burned. Furious, Lysander attacked his father, who easily deflected the blows and began to return the violence, but good. Juniper attempted to intervene on her son’s behalf, at which her husband flew into a rage an murdered her. Lysander ran away, he did not come back, and he never truly recovered from the loss of the only source of tenderness he ever knew.

Immediately after that, Lysander became a child of the streets, fending for himself through the winter months. He took to thieving, though he was not particularly good at it due to his poor health. One day he was able to steal a book from a saddle bag of an exotic traveler in the market district; Books were his favorite thing to steal because he could read them before selling them. So he took his prize back to his hideout and began to read, and quickly he discovered that the book was actually an illegal spellbook. The traveler had noticed the thief however and decided to follow the child…

Upon discovery, Lysander thought that he was in mortal danger, knowing that the policy of many men is to kill any thief, even children (so that they do not continue to grow up to become even more dangerous and murderous thieves). The traveler had no intention of harming the boy, but that didn’t stop Lysander from attempting to incant one of the spells in defense of his life. Impressively he was able to cast a Prestidigitation spell, causing a fire in his hideout and trapping himself behind a wall of flames. The traveler acted quickly and rescued him from the blaze.

Recognizing the innate talent of the boy, the traveler offered him an apprenticeship. The traveler was named Elias Havard, and he was one of the last living professors of the College of Wizards at Highpeak, and most certainly older than he appeared. After the incident with the fire Elias gave Lysander the sir name “Quickburn” and took him traveling the lands looking for hidden relics and books of knowledge.

These were the best years of Quick’s life, finally his thirst of knowledge could be slaked. When they weren’t traveling they resided in Elias’ secret keep, hidden in the Marrow Mountains. Over the years Quck’s arcane potential began to shine bright, but Elias was hesitant to teach his student too quickly for fear of what power would do to the boy. Quick began to sense the restrictions placed on him, and soon began to resent Elias.

The conflict of desires eventually came to a head. Elias banished his student when he caught him practicing from tomes of forbidden lore. Feeling betrayed, Quick left cursing his former master, and vowing to continue his learning of arcane secrets until he was the greatest wizard in all of Verdacia. Of course magic being illegal, he would also someday have to do something about restoring magic to its rightful place in society: at the top.

Shortly after leaving the Marrow Mountains, Quick returned to Bridgetown. There he sought out his father, and upon finding him, killed the man with his new found power. Closing that dark chapter forever in his mind. From there he sought opportunity, but knowing he couldn’t survive the harsh world on his own yet, he traveled to Forkshire where he had once heard of a mercenary guild that didn’t discriminate against mages. And that is where he works now, always willing to give up his pay in favor of magical loot.

Lysander Quickburn

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