Gaius Lasunn

An Elven Cleric once faithful to his family clan who has struck out on his own to find meaning in doing good in the world as he defines it.


Gaius’ most distinguishing characteristic is that he’s missing a good chunk of his left ear from when his hospital camp was attacked during the war. He also has a tattoo on his chest indicating his rank in the Elven army and Lasunn Family. Besides these, he has a tranquil, melancholy demeanor. He is always very clean, and usually quiet.


Gaius Lasunn is first cousins with the legendary swordsman Oriel Lasunn, and a Chaplain of the Great Civil War. He grew up in the Shandhal Forest in Lightpool under the brutal tyranny of the Hunter Family. A peaceful child Gaius was uninterested in receiving much of the same education in warfare and combat as his cousin Oriel Over time Gaius became competent with the use of a spear, but his interest always lied in the spiritual traditions of his people. The Lasunn tribe, not particularly devout, looked at Gaius as something of an ugly duckling when he began devoting himself to worship.

In his “Teenage” years he traveled North of the Shandhal Forest to learn with the spiritual shamans of the Silverleaf Elves. This was an uncommon mixing of Elven cultures, and served to further alienate him from his family clan. Over time Gaius began to dislike the strict isolationist tone of the Wood Elves, and so set about exploring Verdacia during the pre-civil war era. He did not adventure during this time, pacifistic as he was, instead he visited the ministries of other faiths in the land, endeavoring to understand the Divine as best he could.

Eventually he returned to Lightpool and taught what he learned to those who would listen, eventually he had quite the flock of his own. Soon though the drums of the Great Civil War began to beat. Initially Gaius implored his family not to involve themselves in the affairs of humans, and for a while he was successful.

Then came Timon Hunter, in an effort to intimidate the elves from joining the war, he slaughtered many innocent Lightpool Elves when they were worshiping with Gaius at a White Yew tree. This enraged the Lasunn clan, and Oriel blamed Gaius’ naivete for the deaths, claiming that, “If they had joined the war sooner, the Hunter Family would be dead by now.” The massacre opened Gaius’ eyes to the necessity of combat, he vowed to fight for the weak from that day on. So when the Merchant Lords of Bridgetown sent their party to strike an alliance, Gaius was one of the first to sign his name.

During the war Gaius participated in very little combat, mostly using his divine healing abilities on the wounded and leadership skills to keep up morale. He was thought of many to be something of a moral compass during those times. There was one man he had lost the ability to guide however and that was Oriel.

Oriel had it out for the Hunters, as did Gaius. But when the Hunter’s castle fell Oriel ordered the extermination of the bloodline. Gaius wanted justice, but felt that the children of the family did nothing to deserve death. Oriel argued that the Hunters would do the Lasunns no different if the roles were reversed. Gaius countered saying that Lasunns had to make better choices than the Hunters, or what was the point? But Oriel would not relent, and every last Hunter died that day (OR DID THEY?!). Gaius never forgave Oriel, but continued to do his duty throughout the rest of the war.

After the war ended the Lasunn family became a mercenary force in the new post-war Verdacia. Gaius continued to be of use to them, but after a few decades became disillusioned with the goals of the company, but more so with his past with the Lasunn family. Seeking to reinvigorate his oath of fighting for good, he cut ties with the Lasunns and struck out on his own. Eventually he found a new company, the Three Fingers Mercenary Band where a man can choose missions that suit him. Gaius has taken a vow of poverty, donating most of his payment to the needy.

Gaius Lasunn

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