Devan Hunter

Bounty Hunter


Devan has dark hair that has grown too long since last being cut and green eyes that Hunters are known for. He would be handsome if he didn’t always look so weary from travel. He wears simple, unadorned armor and carries a morning star as his favored weapon.


Devan Hunter is descended from House Hunter raised by Gravus Reed, a longtime servant of the family from before the Great Civil War.

Devan’s father, Dalton Hunter was a young boy when the war ended, and the Hunter family destroyed. A faithful squire named Gravus Reed was given orders by his lord to take his son and hide him away, as the lord was fearful of the revenge the Elves would take on his legacy. Gravus, hardly more than a boy himself, did as Lord Hunter asked and took Dalton into exile.

Reed took the boy to a small village and told strangers the he and his “Little brother” were orphaned by the war. As Dalton grew older Reed became a father to him and told him stories of the greatness of the Hunter family, of which there was no longer any trace. When Dalton was old enough Gravus and he took to adventuring. Many nights as they slept under hedges, Dalton vowed that he would return the Hunter family to its former glory, and Reed was happy to help. Though both were clueless as to how this grand mission could be accomplished.

Years later, while traveling through Bridgetown the duo came upon a drunken rich man who professed a desire to overthrow the Five Merchant Families and return to the old days before the war. The man was an up and coming merchant of much wealth and influence (though obviously not so rich or influential enough as to be apart of the merchant families) named Salmon Kayheid. Reed and Hunter discussed revealing Dalton’s secret heritage to the merchant, and agreed that Kayheid would be a powerful ally. Kayheid invited the adventures into his home where his wife and daughters would keep them well fed, and they would stay up late into the night with Salmon plotting rebellion.

Short months later, the group initiated their first mission, breaking into a mansion and stealing the cargo manifest to Bridgetown’s largest merchant ship. The mission was doomed from the start however, Kayheid had betrayed them. When the guards came, they captured Hunter, while Reed escaped by being stationed in the wrong place to play his role of lookout.

Hunter was taken and tried and hanged as a war criminal (even though he never fought in the war) simply to appease the Lasunn mercenaries whom the Merchants of Bridgetown were indebted to at the moment for some small and forgotten reason. Kayheid benefited greatly from the betrayal, not only did he receive a large sum of money, but also he was able to position himself into a office of power within the ruling families. Gravus Reed later came to learn that all of Salmon Kayheid’s talk of rebellion has been out of spite to a petty grievance done to him by one of the merchant lords.

Despondent, Reed turned to alcohol and brawling. He was an infamous character in the streets of the Slums, even by the slums’ standards. This period only lasted a few months, however, because he was visited by the beautiful daughter of Kayheid, Elmona. Elmona who brought with her a baby son whom she had named Devan. She explained that she and Dalton had a secret affair and that the boy was his. After her father gave up Dalton, she hid her pregnancy from him and decided that the boy could not grow up around her father’s cold hearted influence. Reed was once again asked to take a child into exile and raise him as his own. Elmona stayed behind in her father’s home in order to keep the continuity of her lie. She eventually was married to another merchant for her dowry.

Reed then took Devan away from Bridgetown, and raised him with less emphasis on the Hunter families glories, but rater, a steel hearted focus on strength, survival, and loyalty. Afraid to lose his second son too, Gravus did not encourage Devan to pursue glory of the Hunter name, nor revenge for the betrayal for Kayheid. Though it is safe to say those are dreams that scratch just beneath Devan’s skin.

Reed was too old (he’s now in his late 60’s -early 70’s) to adventure by the time Devan came to age, but he didn’t have the ability or the heart to stop Devan from seeking his fortune. Devan eventually made his way to Forkshire and joined the Three Fingers Mercenary Band.

Devan is a skilled warrior, and best known for his skill in tracking and capturing people of interest. He is level headed and brooks no nonsense. His word is his most valued possession, he would die in order to keep it.

Devan Hunter

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