Knolls and Pirates

Milo Threefingers was approached by the Forkshire city guard regarding rumors that Knolls have been attacking ships on the river North near Duncan’s Wood.

Two adventures were asked to investigate the rumors, Dryden the Bladeless pilgrim, and Chester Weatherton the wizard volunteered.

The pair, with Dryden’s disciples in tow made their way along the river toward the Duncan’s Wood. They came to a small village with an inn, but decline to make use of it and decided to camp for the night. Before doing so Dryden politely offered to battle Chester in some night combat. The battle was one sided to say the least.

In the middle of the night, Dryden was awoken by one of disciples for a disturbance. Coming from the river was a giant crab. Dryden killed it and gave it to his students to cook. Chester found a hot meal for his belly when he awoke. In the morning Dryden ordered his students to construct a raft so they could cross the river to Duncan’s Wood. Dryden is frugal and won’t pay for anything that he can do “himself”.

By mid-afternoon the raft was built and the party made way to cross, shortly after an unidentified vessel was spotted. Dryden convinced that battle was to be had, convinced Chester that they should check it out, just in case they were pirates. As they approached, Dryden inquired about the crew’s pirate status and was met with an arrow for a response. At this, the party attacked the ship. Dryden was knocked unconscious and Chester ended the situation by casting Thunderwave and knocking all but the ship’s captain overboard. “Take what you want, you pirates!” shouted the ship’s captain. That is when the party realized that there had been a big miscommunication, each thinking the others were pirates. After that got sorted out, the captain gave the party a ferry over to the opposite shore.

Once they were standing on the edge of the Duncan’s Wood, the adventurers began looking for signs of Knolls, but found only deer trails. Using the trails, the team was able to plunge deeper into the wood. After a while Chester heard sounds of wolf-like calls and Dryden swiftly ran ahead to scout the situation. Chester followed cautiously with the disciples. What they found were two Knolls on a stroll, Dryden ambushed them by dropped down from a tree, knocking one down. Then just as quickly, Chester cast two Ray of Frost spells, ending the conflict before it started.

From there, the heroes were able to track the Knolls’ hideout. The hideout was in a cave with two separate entrances. Dryden and Chester decided to split up so they could “Do more damage”. This plan was terrible. Both encountered numbers too large for them to handle on their own, though they did do some damage. Together they were able to escape the caves and find a secluded place in the forest to lick their wounds.

The next morning they combined their forces and entered the caves ready for a fight. This time however, the Knolls challenged Dryden to one-on-one unarmed combat, at battle that Dryden easily cleared. This victory earned the respect of the other Knolls and they led the party through their dwelling to their leader.

The Knoll chief parlayed with the group and explained that the Knolls were desperate to escape the Duncan Wood and cross the river because there was a powerful force gathering to the West. The nature of this force still remains a mystery, due to the language barrier. Dryden promised the Chief that he would find a peaceful way to get them across the river, and that they would head West to investigate the source of this power that scared the Knolls.

Negotiations ended, the Knolls led the adventurers to a part of the caves they had blocked off. What looked to be a dilapidated home for some type of small creature. Within they found a number of items of monetary worth, which they took as treasure.

After leaving the cave they made way back to Forkshire, acknowledging that they had resolved the primary point of their mission.


  • Milo was appraised of the situation, who claimed the mission was accomplished. He said he would look into finding passage for the Knolls.
  • The contract awarded each agent 350dkts
  • The goods taken from the caves were sold for 200dkts



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